Revive Wilting Roses

Rose Zepherine Drouhin - Permission granted to use under GNU Free Documentation License by Henry Hartley
Rosa sp. Family Rosaceae - Permission granted to use under GNU Free Documentation License by Kurt StueberRosa arvensis (Field Rose) - Permission granted to use under GNU Free Documentation License

With all of the possible diseases that a rose can pick up, you would think that anybody would be crazy to even plant them. They are such high maintenance flowers that it would seem to some to be far too much work just to have a bit of beauty in your garden.

As this guide has already stated, there are a great deal of things that can be done to help prevent diseases and pests from damaging your roses. It all seems like so much to do for flowers that only have a life span of about 6-10 days. Of course a healthy bed of roses will constantly produce new buds so that you will rarely even notice anyway.

There is also the problem of wilting and drooping roses once they are placed in vases when they are given as gifts. Roses look so beautiful in any room that they sit in. They add an elegance that is unsurpassed by any other flower.

As beautiful as roses are, they do have a certain vulnerability that is common for every flower. They are prone to sag, droop and wilt after a few days exposure to a vase. Anybody would like to preserve that beauty for as long as possible and think that its hopeless, but I will show you how you can save your roses if this happens to you.

1. Take your roses from the vase.
2. Separate the roses, but keep them emerged in Luke warm water as you do it.
3. Make a fresh cut on the stem, again while it remains in the water because you don’t want to get air into the stem.
4. Take each flower, one by one and roll them in newspaper and close the paper with a rubber band to keep it from unrolling.
5. Put each rose while still wrapped in the newspaper in a sink or tub filled with water and let them soak for several hours while still separate.
6. Once they have soaked, unwrap them carefully, and place them in a vase of fresh warm water.
7. If you want to preserve the health of your roses, put some 7up in the water to help prevent any bacteria that can clog up the stem.

Extra tip: Roses droop for one of two reasons. Either they had been cut too early when put into the vase, or they may have been out of water too long before putting them into the vase.

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