Summer Rose Gardening Care

Wild Rosa gallica Romania - Permission granted to use under GNU Free Documentation License

One of the dangers roses face during the summer months of July and August is extreme periods of high temperature. During this period, there is a high possibility that your roses will suffer form heat damage. High humidity associated with heat will also bring various fungal diseases and insects that will attack your roses.

Here are some things that we can implement to insure that our roses remain gorgeous and strong until the cooler seasons arrive.

Take care, that your roses are properly watered. Always water your rose bushes at the roots. Don’t pour water over the top of your rose plants to prevent fungus from occurring.
Watering from the roots will insure that your roses will be fully hydrated.

On days that the temperature is at 90F or more you should always water your rose bed. Pot grown roses might require watering once early in the morning and again late in the afternoon.
Apply a fungicide weekly to prevent diseases brought on by humidity, cut away canes and foliage as soon as you notice ant infections.

Put fertilizer in small amounts three times a week. Avoid putting too much as you may burn your plants.

The application of organics should be done weekly until the last week of August.

Spider mite season is July and August. Spider mites flourish in heat and humidity. Spray the leaves and buds of your roses with water to move those pests off your plants.

For your canes to grow properly you need to maintain your rose bushes. Do not fall behind on these tasks.

Begin cutting back your roses in the second half of August and they will give you magnificent blooms in the autumn.

Remove any branches and stems that are moving towards the center of the plant. This will allow more room for air to circulate removing humidity from your bush preventing spider mites from breeding and fungus forming.

If you are participating in one of the fall rose exhibits, you will have to cautiously plan the time that you will prune your canes to provide the necessary time for recycling to happen.

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