Planting Bare Root Roses

By David G. Hallstrom Planting Bare Root Roses Before planting, the plants must be prepared. The following suggestions will help insure that your roses grow into healthy bushes, trees, etc.: 1. Your new roses have probably dried out during shipping or storage, therefore before planting, either bury the roots in wet saw dust or peat […]

How To Plant Rose Bushes In Landscaping Your Garden

By Paul Curran For planting roses a good garden loam with organic matter is important. It must contain peat moss, leaf mold, compost, rotted or commercial manure, and the bed should be prepared as far ahead of planting as is feasible in order to allow for settling of the soil. Fall is the best time […]

Pruning Roses

By Ken Austin Pruning your roses does not need to be a dreaded task. Follow these tips and make rose pruning an easy gardening job. Prune from the ground up. Most people start at the top and this can harm the rose and it uses your valuable time. If it’s old, gray and scraggly looking, […]

Miniature Roses Have Many Uses

By Dana Noonan Among the most charming and delightful of plants, miniature roses come in the same multitude of colors and varieties as their full size cousins. They’re perfect for container gardens, but do just as well planted in the ground. Their small buds and blooms are beautiful in corsages and arrangements, tucked into a […]

5 Secrets To Growing Beautiful Roses

By Abigail Baker A rose is a rose is rose – and there are few things in the garden more beautiful. There are 5 secrets I want to share that will help you to grow healthy roses. Sunshine: Plan to put your rose bush in a spot where it will get as much sun at […]

Use Climbing Roses For Vertical Beauty

Add drama and color to your home with climbing roses. They can be trained around a trellis, a column, or a boundary. You can even let them climb up a wall of your house. Some gardeners are leery of climbing roses because of concern that climbing roses can be damaged by cold weather; also because […]

Dealing With Rose Bushes

by Ken Austin Roses are classified according to the way they grow. One of the predominant ways is in bushes. Rose bushes are self-supporting and grow their flowers mainly at the top of the plant. They can be as small as just a few inches and as tall as up to 6 feet. There is […]

10 Tips for Successful Rose Planting

by Kathy Burns-Millyard Planting roses isn’t actually complicated, as long as you have some good advice and tips to start with… 1. Check with your local gardening center or florist for the best type of roses to grow in you climate. If you are a novice, you should look fo? disease resistant types of roses […]

Rose Classification

by Angie Noack Although there is no one set of “official” classification system of roses, there are many different popular rose classification schemes that are employed throughout the world. The most popular of the systems in use has been proposed by The American Rose Society in cooperation with the World Federation of Roses. Although this […]

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