Gardening Tips and Tricks for Late Autumn-Part Two

By Karen Cole-Peralta Watering Your Lawn and Garden You can’t forget about watering in the middle of fall. The summer’s long over, but proper moisture now is key to your plants’ survival over the cold winter months. You’re likely to hear two pieces of advice on watering. One is that you should give established plants […]

Colorful And Popular Hybrid Tea Roses

By Dana Noonan The romantic long-stemmed rose is the instantly recognizable signature of hybrid teas, and it’s what makes them the most popular variety of roses. Public gardens feature special sections devoted to roses, especially colorful hybrid teas. Home gardeners enjoy growing hybrid tea roses that make lovely floral arrangments. Florists love the Tiffany hybrid […]

Choose The Hybrid Tea Rose For A Touch Of Classic Elegance

By Ron King The Hybrid Tea Rose is a modern rose, the offspring of 2 old timers getting together: the Hybrid Perpetual and the Tea Rose. These magnificent modern flowers grow on long stems and bloom throughout the year. Although this rose gives off only a faint scent, it makes up for this shortcoming with […]

Growing Nostalgic “Old Roses” In Your Garden

By Simonetta Jensen “Old Roses” Convey Time Honored Tradition In the 18th Century, the practice of tending rose bushes was popular and a handy source for young men to offer as gifts during courtship. These roses were not only beautiful to admire and richly fragrant but also highly symbolic of an unwritten and often unspoken […]

Plant Shrub Roses For Carefree Beauty

By Ron King Shrub roses are an easy, colorful choice to use anywhere you would plant a shrub. Sturdy and Plant-Friendly Unlike many roses, Shrub Roses are perfect for planting anywhere. They’re “plant-friendly” and are good neighbors in any collection of flowers. Shrub Roses are also very winter-hardy, and they are highly disease-resistant. These round, […]

Using Popular Rose Varieties In Your Garden

By Steven Hall When many people think of gardening, their thoughts turn first to roses, and there is no wonder. Roses are among the most popular, and certainly most beautiful, types of flowers there are. In addition, roses are a huge part of both the gardening hobby and the professional flower business. There are even […]

Organic Roses in the Flower Garden Part 1

By Sandra Dinkins-Wilson Many people believe growing their flowers and vegetables organically is healthier for them and their environment. It is natural that you may wish to grow your roses this way also. Using the pesticides and insecticides that are usually considered to go along with growing roses and keeping them healthy can cause many […]

The Meanings Behind the Colors of Roses

By Colin Smith Roses are a sign of love and friendship and by giving someone a rose you are telling them how truly special they are. There are a number of colors of roses available and each one represents a different meaning to the receiver. If you are looking to purchase roses for that special […]

Rose Gardening Challenges

By Ken Austin Rose gardening can be a challenging exercise but you don’t have to be an expert to grow roses. Roses are grown successfully in gardens in nearly every different type of climate and environmental condition. Coming in a rainbow of colors and thousands of different modern-day varieties, roses offer a wonderful array of […]

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