Roses – Creating Beautiful Cut Roses

By Bambi Coker Many gardeners like to enjoy their roses twice first in the garden, then indoors as cut flowers. By choosing the right roses, cutting them at the proper time of day, and conditioning them after cutting, you can enjoy your cut roses for the longest possible time up to five days or more […]

Plant Floribunda Roses For All-Season Blooms

By Ron King This Latin name translates as “many flowered” or “abundance of flowers” and the Floribunda rose surely lives up to its name. These roses are among the most colorful of the modern roses. Their blooms are arranged in low-growing large clusters. Many consider the Floribunda a better variety than the Hybrid Tea, their […]

Old Garden Roses – A Proven Winner For Your Garden

By Ron King Old Garden Roses are any of the rose varieties that were recognized prior to 1867, the year in which the first modern rose, the hybrid tea, was introduced. Major Classes The major classes of Old Garden Roses are: bourbons, noisettes, portlands, species, centifolias, albas, chinas, damasks, hybrid perpetuals, moss roses, gallicas, and […]

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